Start selling subscriptions on Shopify in 5 minutes

The only recurring subscription app 100% designed for Shopify

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Connect your Stripe account, decfine which products should be sold as recurring subscriptions and you're all set

Fully integrated

Your customers will experience a native checkout experience and customer dashboard. Tellida will never redirect users outside of your shop.


Tellida is less expensive than competitors because it relies on Stripe subscriptions to do most of the hard-lifting

Accept recurring payments for plans or memberships

Tellida is the simplest subscriptions app available and is fully integrated with the native Shopify experience


Tellida is cheaper than ReCharge in all cases


0€ Monthly
  • 4% transaction-fee
  • All features
  • No monthly flat fee
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15€ Monthly
  • 1% transaction fee
  • All features
  • Dedicated Support
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  • No transaction fee
  • Dedicated support
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Great checkout experience

Tellida is the only recurring app that has a completely seamless Shopify checkout. Customers will never leave your store, and are not required to signup. They can also purchase subscriptions and regular products in the same cart.

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Customer Dashboard

Using the regular Shopify account system, your customers can access a dashboard allowing them to manage their subscriptions, and update their credit cards. This dashboard is integrated in your store, not on an external website.

Powerful Plans

You can create a plan for any of your Shopify products or variant and set trial periods. Through your backoffice, you can pause or cancel user subscriptions. Failed payments are automatically notified


Coupons can be created using percentages or absolute amounts. You can set a redeemable count limit or an expiration date. You can also track their usage.

Shopify Backend

Orders will be created for initial and recurring payments. Shipping and taxes are calculated based on your Shopify settings. Your Shopify inventory policy will also be respected.

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We succesfully moved from ReCharge to Tellida to have a more native experience and save on fees. It's much simpler and efficient !

Anna Balez

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